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The Protect Ed Program

Dear Educators,

Thank you for your interest in our new Protect ED™ Safety Education Program. We are all very excited at the launch of our new, comprehensive and one-of-a-kind safety education program.

Protect ED™ is a multi-grade, multi- subject, flexible program that addresses the most critical issues in child safety today. For more than a decade, Kidproof has worked tirelessly in our quest to increase safety awareness and protect children around the world.samanthawilson-new-site-crop.jpg

With presence around the globe, we believe that there is nothing as precious as a child, and that we must continue to focus on preventative education to impact lifelong changes.

It takes a community to truly keep children safe, which is why we focus on engaging and educating every stakeholder in a child’s life, including the parents, the educators and the kids themselves. This will help ensure that key messages are consistently reinforced throughout their lives.

Safety education is more than just teaching how to make safe choices: when children feel safe, they are better able to learn, become open to new ideas, and can excel both socially, spiritually and financially towards their future success.

We take teaching safety seriously and are proud to have earned your trust. To that end, we promise to endeavor to provide the children, parents, and educators across the globe with world-class education that will help raise safe and healthy children of the future. 

I personally invite you to email me anytime with your comments, concerns or just to say Hi! You can reach me at  info@kidproofsafety.com attention: Samantha

Samantha Wilson
Kidproof International


Why Your Kids Need Protect ED™

Although traditionally attention has been focused on advancing a student’s academic skills, the importance of accurate, informed and structured safety education is vital in the success of children’s health and well-being. After all, a child who does not feel safe is unable to teacherresource-k1.pngfocus on his or her education.

Kidproof® Safety, the world’s largest child safety education provider, with more than a decade of worldwide experience in child safety education, has designed the Protect ED™  Safety Education Program for Nursery to Grade 12 especially for you.

Kidproof’s unique safety education program ensures that every child receives the high quality preventative safety education he or she deserves.  Each grade level of Protect ED™ offers 12 hours of safety education, covering six areas:  Personal Safety, Physical Safety, Healthy Living, Emotional Safety, Internet Safety, and Anti Bullying.

Because every child has the right to be safe!

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General Brochure




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Curriculum Review


Flexible, Affordable Turn-Key Solution to Teach Safety Education

Protect ED™ is designed to be flexible, and easily integrate into a classroom setting, preschool, daycare, home school or private setting.  It is conveniently divided into age specific sections:


The Problem.  Our Solution.

cp-cycle-1.jpgSafety education is a fundamental component of childhood development, yet how can school administration, principals, teachers and educators foster an environment where students learn to take proactive steps to be safe? 

How can educators be confident that the information they are giving is accurate, timely and truthful?  And, how do parents keep their children safe, yet still allow their independence and confidence to grow? 

These questions point to the urgent need for solution-based, formalized and structured safety education around the world.

The Protect ED™ Safety Education Program gives educators the tools they need to teach accurate safety lessons, encourage positive self-esteem in their students, while providing the “words” they need to engage students in a thoughtful and memorable discussion about their safety.  

Kidproof’s Protect ED™  is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to provide effective, preventative, and innovative safety education in order to give children the critical thinking skills and knowledge to recognize danger, the strength and self-esteem necessary to protect their personal and emotional safety, and the confidence and compassion to be better citizens of the future.


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