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Stranger Smarts

Stranger Smarts The #1 rule to teach kids is “Never go anywhere with anyone without asking permission first.”

Stranger Smarts is a dynamic, non-threatening two hour child safety workshop that captures the attention of students and allows them to learn how to make safe choices when approached by strangers.

The lessons help to reduce fear and anxiety by providing children with skills, knowledge and confidence they need to react safely and make safe choices in potentially unsafe situations.

What do kids learn?

This is one of Kidproof’s most popular and core fundamental safety programs that is vital in all child safety education. Children learn skills to help them understand:

  • Tricks predators will use to gain their trust
  • How to recognize and protect their personal safety zone
  • How to listen to their personal alarm
  • To focus on safe situations rather than places
  • The golden rule "Never go anywhere with anyone without asking permission first"


What age group is this for?

This program is best for students in Grades 3 - 5 but is suitable for younger.testimonials.png

How long is the course?

Stranger Smarts is a two-hour program that can easily be divided into shorter segments throughout the year.

What are the student materials?

Reproducible student worksheets are included in each lesson plan package.

Are your courses researched based?

Yes. Read: Researched Based Instruction Strategies Utilized in the Teaching of Kidproof Safety Education Courses document.


How do I teach this program?Order Now

That’s easy!  Simply order the Lesson Plan Package and student books. 

Electronic Package includes Lesson Plan, Teacher Overview, Student Worksheets (reproducible) and Teacher Aids.

All materials delivered electronically.

Available in English and Spanish

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