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Parent safety lesson plans

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We make teaching safety fun!


What are Kidproof Safety Lesson Plan Packs?

Kidproof safety programs are "one-of" courses that are delivered in one sitting.  Special attention is given to an individual subject matter, and students learn to identify risks, make safe choices when faced with risks, and prevent future troubles.

All of our programs are available direct to parents and educators.


How can I teach a course to my kids?

That's easy!

Kidproof Lesson Plan Packs are completely turn-key and designed so anyone with any experience working with kids can deliver a perfect class.

We not only give you the subject matter background overview, but also the words you need to have meaningful discussions and activities to test their knowledge.

Our Lesson Plans are designed with groups in mind, so be sure to involve the whole family!

What Safety Programs do you offer?

Our exclusive safety lesson plans are age and topic specific. They are designed for students in Kindergarten thru to Grade 8. ss-full.jpg

  1. Never Bee Lost
  2. Safe Kids
  3. Cybersafe Early Years
  4. Stranger Smarts
  5. At Home Alone
  6. First Aid for Kids
  7. Safe Sport
  8. Social Netiquette
  9. A Girls Way
  10. Babysitters Training Program
  11. Bullyproofing
  12. I Wanna Walk


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Parent safety lesson plans

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