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I Wanna Walk

I wanna walkWalking to and from school can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. However, it is important that students learn to stay safe along the way.  

Students learn how to safely react to bullies, traffic and strangers.

One of the most difficult things for many parents is letting go and allowing their children to walk to school on their own.

But for many parents, driving their children to and from school each day may not be feasible, and eventually most of us will decide that our children are mature enough to walk to school on their own.

Walking is a healthy and environmentally-friendly way for your children to get to school, and with proper preparation it can be safe. The Kidproof I Wanna Walk program is a two (2) hour child safety education class that prepares kids ages eight and up to walk to and from school safely.  

What do kids learn?

Kids learn how to safely respond to situations dealing with the three main risks: Strangers, Bullies and Traffic. For a child who is capable and mature enough, walking to school can be safe, fun and empowering. Through interactive, non-threatening and entertaining lessons, kids learn:

  • How to plan a safe route to and from school
  • Who to go to for help along the route
  • The #1 rule to safety
  • What to do if approached by a stranger
  • How to deal with potential bullies
  • What to do if a friend is being bullied along the route
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, skateboard, and roller blade safety

What age group is this for?

This program is best for students ages 8 - 12 years, but is suitable for younger. This is a great school-wide program for Walk-to-School days and Walking to school safelyevents!  

How long is the course?

I Wanna Walk is a two (2) hour program that can easily be divided into shorter segments throughout the year.  

What are the student materials?

Reproducible student worksheets are included in each lesson plan package.

Are your courses researched based?

Yes. Read: Researched Based Instruction Strategies Utilized in the Teaching of Kidproof Safety Education Courses document.  

How do I teach this program?Order Now

That’s easy! 

Simply order the Lesson Plan Package and student books. 

Electronic Package includes Lesson Plan, Teacher Overview, Student Worksheets (reproducible) and Teacher Aids.

All materials delivered electronically.

Available in English and Spanish

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