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Do You Want To Teach Safety

If you love working with kids and want to help raise safety awareness, then consider becoming a Safety Instructor and teach Kidproof’s famous safety programs!  

Teaching Safety is Easy with Kidproof’s Turn-Key Lesson Plans

Kidproof Safety Lesson Packs include everything you need to teach important safety subjects such as Home Alone Safety, Babysitter Training, and Stranger Safety.

Starting at only $24.95 you can begin teaching safety education to your kids, their friends or even directly in your classroom!

If you want to charge a fee for a course, just increase your License to a yearly low License Fee and you are free to delivery the programs for a fee anywhere!

It is really that easy.

aha-full.jpgStart with our most popular At Home Alone Safety.

Seriously...we can't keep up with requests for this program and need you to help us prepare kids for this important step.


We're The Original 

Don't be fooled by imposters!

Kidproof Safety is the “Original” and most trusted safety education publisher in the world.

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