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CyberSafe Early Years

It is impossible to ignore any longer, and vital to prepare kids at an early age to be cyber safe.  

The Internet is a place, not a thing.

Did you know that the fastest growing segment of internet users are kids ages 5 - 7 years?

With the increasing use of tablets, mobile games, learning software and eBook readers, parents and schools are turning to the Internet as a teaching tool, with many kids starting as young as preschool.

There are wonderful things to be found on the Internet. Children can learn new languages, research homework, and even learn to read.

The early years is the best time to begin to lay the foundation of what safe online behavior is, how to be a good online citizen, and the differences between the real world and the online world.

The best way to keep children safe is to encourage open lines of communication early on.

Cybersafe Early Years highlights the importance of sharing their feelings and questioning what they see online for its truthfulness. Every child and parent must be prepared for this new world, and this course will set the foundation for future success in using technology as a tool to learn, socialize and play.  

What do kids learn?

The Kidproof Cybersafe Early Years program follows Bob-bee through his first few experiences using the Internet and his computer. Through stories, games and easy to understand key messages, students learn that right and wrong is the same online as it is in person, and about the importance of talking about their experiences online, whether good or bad, to their parents.

 Bob-bee Techno Buzz eBook

  • Four Rules of Safe Online Behavior
  • Being a Good Online Citizen
  • Improper Online Behavior
  • Cyber-Bullying, Personal Information, Online Predators, Screen Name Safety


What age group is this for?

Excellent for after school programs, child care centers, kindergarten and preschools.  

How long is the course?

The Cybersafe Early Years program is one (1) hour, but can easily be broken up into short 15 minute segments.  

What are the student materials?

Reproducible student worksheets are included in each lesson plan package. Bob-bee and the Amazing Techno-Buzz Storybook is also available for story time in our eBook store.

Are your courses researched based?

Yes. Read: Researched Based Instruction Strategies Utilized in the Teaching of Kidproof Safety Education Courses document.  

How do I teach this program?Order Now

That’s easy!  Simply order the Lesson Plan Package and student books. 

Electronic Package includes Lesson Plan, Teacher Overview, Student Worksheets (reproducible) and Teacher Aids.

All materials delivered electronically.

Available in English and Spanish

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