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Introducing Kidproof Safety Lesson Plans for School and Home


Kidproof is the world's leading education publisher of safety education, focusing on prevention and awareness.

For the past 14 years millions of kids, families and teachers have considered Kidproof as the “go-to” for their safety education needs.   By delivering exclusive in-class sessions, kids have learned how to be safe at home, online, and around strangers.  


Trusted by millions!

Now available directly to schools and parents to be delivered anywhere, anytime!


Flexible and Affordable

Our multi-level licensing makes offering a Kidproof program easy, flexible and best of all affordable.  

Single Unit licenses allow teachers and parents to utilize our turn-key lesson plans within their own homes or classrooms.

Schools take advantage of our Extended License option to allow every teacher in the school access to our great content.

And finally the Multi-Use license allows anyone to offer a Kidproof program and charge a fee.


order-now-button.gifIt really is that easy!

Start Teaching Today!



Introducing Protect Ed

Kidproof’s Protect ED™  is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to provide effective, preventative, and innovative safety education to school-aged children.

Protect ED™ provides children the critical thinking skills and knowledge to recognize danger, the strength and self-esteem necessary to protect their personal and emotional safety, and the confidence and compassion to be better citizens of the future.

Protect Ed is available worldwide in English and French. 

For more information about our ground-breaking safety curriculum, please contact us at info@kidproofsafety.com

Connecting To Communities through Local Partnerships

The team at Kidproof works tirelessly in their quest to achieve our goal of delivering proactive safety education to every single child. We know this is a massive goal, that we can’t do it alone, and need the help of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to help us.

The Kidproof Delivery Partner program is designed for local community groups and organizations that are looking to enhance their community programming with our exclusive child safety education. Our partners include YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Centers, City Corporations, Colleges and much more.

Kidproof Malaysia Brings Awareness to Child Abudction in Kuala Lumpur

Since 2000...


kidproof-colour-500px.jpgKidproof Safety was formed in 2000 by Samantha Wilson, a former police officer and internationally recognized expert in child and family safety.

As a cop, Samantha received fantastic, informative, cutting-edge child safety information that was only being shared by law enforcement and other helping agencies. The information was not “top secret” but had no way of reaching those who needed it most – the kids. So she formed Kidproof to do just that.

“We were formed for one reason, to help raise child safety awareness by empowering children and parents with knowledge that they can draw from in case of an emergency or dangerous situation.” – Samantha Wilson

What started as a small community service in London, Ontario, Canada, Kidproof has grown to have international reach and is becoming the driving force in proactive and preventative child safety education on a global scale. With a steady growth rate, our team continues to develop child safety programs, seminars and services that enrich and empower families – and ultimately keep kids safe.

If your organization is looking for the most current, timely and valuable safety education to enhance your programs, please visit us our Delivery Partner page to learn more.

No matter how many new initiatives, programs and services we add to our group of companies, child safety education truly remains embedded in our hearts. We will always be committed to keeping children safe through preventative and proactive safety education.

As Kidproof has grown to reach hundreds of communities, covering continents and cultures, we are grateful for every community partner in our family and look forward to the future.

Kidproof is one of the most exciting, dynamic and courageous companies existing today. We are focused, dedicated, committed, impassioned, and compelled to work tirelessly in the effort to help keep kids safe everywhere.

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If you have a comment, concern or just want to say “Hi” – please drop us a line at info@kidproofsafety.com or call toll free 1-866-467-2338.

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