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About the Program

nursery-school-girl.jpgWhat is the Kidproof Authorized Delivery Program?

Kidproof Child Safety’s Authorized Delivery Program is designed to enable child focused organizations to deliver Kidproof's exclusive, proactive child safety programs directly to their communities.

Who can become an Authorized Delivery Partner?

The Authorized Delivery Partner program is available worldwide.

These may include but are not limited to Libraries, Day Care Centers, Recreation Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Clubs, Play Centers, YMCA, YWCA, and Camps.  Check out some of our partners here.

The Kidproof Delivery Partner program is designed to meet the needs of non profit and for profit businesses. The common thread is the desire to provide valuable programs to increase the safety of kids in their communities.


What do we need to Register?

In order to qualify to become a Registered Kidproof Authorized Delivery Partner:

Businesses must have:

  1. Registered business or non-profit with a license
  2. Minimum 1 million liability insurance
  3. Have a facility to delivery programs
  4. Have instructors/staff that meet minimum teaching qualifications


Why Should we REGISTER?

It is important to register as an Authorized Delivery Partner for many reasons, some of which include:

  •     Immediately shows credibility to your clients
  •     Receive referrals directly from Kidproof
  •     Free listing on Kidproof website
  •     Permission to use official Kidproof Delivery Partner Logo in marketing

You may also charge a fee for classes as a Delivery Partner, so they are a great way to earn extra income!


What are Kidproof Lesson Plan Packs?

Kidproof Lesson Plan Packs are complete Turn-Key comprehensive safety education packages that area designed to engage students and cover subject specific information.  Each courses is designed with the learner's age in mind and key messages are reinforced through role play, games and group interaction.

Kidproof programs are non-threatening and empowering and have been trusted by millions of kids around the world for over a decade. aha-full.jpg

Lesson Plans include (all in Digital Form for immediate download)

  • Teacher Overview
  • Full Turn-Key Lesson Plan (just open and start teaching!)
  • Reproducible teacher resources (flash cards etc) when applicable
  • Reproducible student worksheets
  • Copy of storybook (where applicable)


How much are the Lesson Plan Packs?

Lesson Plans are purchased according to your license requirements.  Most Delivery Partners charge a fee for attenance therefore, are required to purchase the Multi-Use License. (click for more detailed description of Licensing Rules)


Multi-Use License:

  • You can charge a fee for attendance to a class.
  • You can have multiple teachers/one location.
  • Valid for one (1) year (renewable)
  • Reproducible Student Worksheets (except the Babysitters Handbook)
  • Click to search Lesson Plan Packs

Extended License:

  • NOT permitted to charge a fee for attendance.  The class MUST be offered for free.
  • You can have one or multiple teachers.
  • Valid for one (1) year (renewable)
  • Reproducible Student Worksheets (except the Babysitters Handbook)
  • Only valid for one (1) location.
  • Click to search Lesson Plan Packs

Personal License:

  • NOT permitted to charge a fee for attendance.  The class MUST be offered for free.
  • Single teacher use ONLY
  • Only valid for one (1) location.
  • Valid for one (1) year (renewable)
  • Reproducible Student Worksheets (except the Babysitters Handbook)
  • Click to search Lesson Plan Packs


Are there student books?

Reproducible student materials are included in each Lesson Plan Pack. The only course that requires you to purchase one (1) book PER STUDENT is the Kidproof Babysitters Training Program.


What subjects do you offer?

We have many Subject Specific Lesson Plan Packs covering a variety of subjects for students in Kindergarten thru Grade 8.  Click to search Lesson Plan Packs  


What are Your Most Popular Courses?

All of our safety programs are important and popular however, our BIG THREE in North America are:

  1. At Home Alone (with or without First Aid)
  2. Babysitters Training
  3. Bullyproofing


Are your programs evidence based?

Yes! Read the attached document and see how. Safety education is a soft science and measuring preventative methods through real-life scenarios is difficult. Our goal is to ensure that our students learn and retain this vital information that will provide the foundations for a safer transition to adulthood. To ensure they are learning, each program has a knowledge pre and posttest to help you gauge the student's retention of the materials.



Who makes a great Delivery Partner?dude6-300.jpg

  • Children's fun centers
  • Daycare or preschool groups
  • Large corporations with family benefits
  • Citywide Parks and Recreation Departments
  • YMCA's
  • Children's based franchise businesses
  • Local First Aid providers
  • Children's enrichment businesses
  • School boards and districts

Any business that caters to kids and families that want to teach safety and charge a fee for a class can benefit from offering Kidproof programs to their communities.  


dude8-300.jpgWe're ready! How do we register?

Applying to become a Kidproof Delivery Partner is quick and easy! Just fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with you within one business day. 


 More questions? No problem!

Download this handy FAQ to answers to all of your questions and more!


Why Kidproof is The Safe Choice

  • Kidproof Safety has over a decade of experience teaching hundreds of thousands of kids around the world.
  • We were founded by international safety expert and ex-police officer Samantha Wilson.
  • Our content is written by educators and subject matter experts and updated constantly.
  • We get rave reviews — kids, parents and educators who attend Kidproof courses love the experience!
  • We provide high quality safety education programs that meet the budget needs of schools.


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