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A Girls Way

A Girls Way is a three hour safety education program that teaches teenage girls how to recognize and respond safety to dangerous people, places and situations.

Most girls make unsafe decisions based on low self-image and self-esteem.

Consider that high school is often when kids are introduced to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and dating, and peer pressure is at an all-time high.

A Girls Way is a unique and life altering program that supports the transition from childhood to teenage years, while setting limits and boundaries when it comes to behavior (both in person and online), self-respect and personal safety.

What do kids learn?

Role play, scenarios and group work help reinforce the safety lessons while providing students with knowledge to draw from if faced with a dangerous situation. This program is empowering, engaging and non-threatening.

This dynamic teen safety course is designed specifically for girls ages 11 – 14 years and covers topics such as:

  • Setting boundaries with friends and acquaintances
  • Increasing critical thinking skills
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Identifying potentially dangerous relationships
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Developing healthy body image
  • Internet safety


What age group is this for?testimonials.png

This program is suited for girls ages 11- 14 years. Excellent way to meet the needs of health and safety curriculum, modeling schools, girl focused youth groups and organizations.  

How long is the course?

The Girls Way program is three hours but can be divided into smaller segments and delivered over a series of sessions.  

What are the standard student materials?

Reproducible student worksheets are included in each lesson plan package.

Are your courses researched based?

Yes. Read: Researched Based Instruction Strategies Utilized in the Teaching of Kidproof Safety Education Courses.  


“I would recommend this course because all people should know what to do if they come across any of the scenarios that we practiced.” Bianca

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That’s easy! 

Simply order the Lesson Plan Package and student books. 

Electronic Package includes Lesson Plan, Teacher Overview, and Student Worksheets (reproducible).

All materials delivered electronically.

Available in English and Spanish

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